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The Value of Renting Audio Books

Why Rent

It may seem like a waste of money to rent audio books when owning them can cost about the same amount of money; the benefit of renting is that the cost is one standard price each month and an unlimited number of titles may be rented in a month (once the current rentals are returned).  Also renting audio books and listening to them instead of reading them can let a person enjoy more books in a shorter period of time.


Most rental audio books are available as part of a club membership; the club will often offer perks above renting individually or purchasing the books outright.  The most common perks include unlimited rentals, one set price each month, and free shipping of the audio books both to and from the clubs warehouse.  The unlimited renting is under the condition that once a selection is returned the company will automatically send the next selection on the subscriber’s list.

Additionally the rental audio book clubs are very convenient because the subscriber can select their own “wish list” of books to read; and if the selection at the top of their list is unavailable the next book on their wish list is automatically sent and when that book becomes available it is sent back on the top of the list.  The wish list can be custom made on the internet.

Once a subscriber receives their rental audio book they are able to keep their selections for as long as they like without worrying about late fees or any additional charges.  This is often true regardless of how many rental audio books are out on rental at a time, however the subscriber may only have their subscription total at any given time; for example if a person has rented four audio books and returns two, they would be entitled to two mores selections from their list.

The length of the rental audio book club’s agreement is often up to the subscriber, many companies have different renting options; the subscriber may have the option to rent just one or up to four audio books at one time and the number of audio books rented at one time will often increase the price. The subscribers will also have the option of committing to a year long subscription, for a discounted monthly rate.

Rental audio book clubs are an easy way for a person who has trouble with standard books to catch up on their favorite books; people with poor vision, no vision, or don’t have time to read can really benefit from a rental audio books.  Also rental audio books add a great value to people who love audio books because it gives the subscriber the ease of a library with a low monthly fee.

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