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Downloadable Audio Book: Provides a Wide Selection at Best Prices

When one wish to read or listen to an audio book, one would be amazed at the wide variety of audio books available and with places such as providing more than 23,000 different digital audio books to choose from, one has one’s task cut out in choosing the best of downloadable audio books. There is plenty to keep one occupied with, and it is possible to enjoy unabridged best sellers in genres such as fiction, politics, comedy, mystery, non-fiction, self-development as well as language learning and much more.

24×7 Accesses

The advantage of a downloadable audio book is that one can gain access to it at any time of the day, and one has the freedom to download audio books immediately. So, one can have 24×7 downloadable audio books available and there is no need to wait for books to arrive after being shipped for delivery. What’s more, there is no time limit nor are there any due dates and one does not have to return back anything. Once one has the downloadable audio book on whatever device one downloads them to, one is the owner forever.

Downloadable audio books from a reliable source such will also help affect savings in prices, and one may be able to effect savings of as much as 35 percent off the retail audio prices, or by joining AudibleListener, one can get even more savings – as much as eighty percent. There are plenty of benefits to be had in terms of mobility and it is possible to have downloadable audio books on an AudibleReady MP3 player, iPod, handhelds, pocket PCs, and more. has a number of interesting schemes for downloadable audio books and it is possible to purchase a best selling novel and get a month-long subscription to Forbes Magazine, or a week later, buy another best seller and get a discount on it. With special introductory offers, the downloadable audio books turn out to be much cheaper, and one may in fact, also purchase the first one for as low as ten dollars.

Downloading time for a downloadable audio book will depend on the connection speed, the length of the audio book as well as the fidelity of the audio. There are four audio fidelity formats available from and these range between most compressed with fastest download time to the largest, but slowest format that provides superior sound quality.

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